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Ultrasurf VPNhelp and info

  • What is Ultrasurf VPN for Android?

    Ultrasurf is a program that allows you to surf the Internet while remaining anonymous. Otherwise referred to as a VPN server, users will often employ this technology if they wish to keep their IP address and personal information away from prying eyes and avoid online threats.

  • How does a VPN service function and is it safe to use?

    A virtual private network essentially works as a "mask" by routing your IP address through servers located within other countries. This action signifies that third parties will no longer be able to track your personal details. VPNs are also another means to avoid viruses and other types of malware.

  • Is Ultrasurf VPN for Android legal for me to download?

    Any VPN server is completely legal to download. Having said this, we should mention that Ultrasurf should never be used to download illegal materials or to violate any laws associated with your specific location. If you are unsure of these limitations, consult with your local authorities.

  • Will I have to pay before I install Ultrasurf VPN for Android?

    Unlike some other VPN software packages on the Internet, you will not have to pay for any type of subscription when downloading Ultrasurf. Future improvements will take place automatically and in the same manner, there is no subscription required.

  • What is the file size associated with Ultrasurf VPN for Android?

    The file size of the Ultrasurf virtual private network is 4.2 megabytes. However, this size is currently associated with the beta version. Future improvements may require slightly more memory capacity. This is one of the most lightweight VPN bundles on the market today.

  • Will I encounter any bugs or glitches with Ultrasurf VPN for Android?

    This virtual private network server is still under development. This signifies that there may be a handful of bugs or connection issues present. The programmers are addressing these as they occur. Future upgrades should be able to patch such issues.

  • Are there versions of Ultrasurf VPN for Android for other operating systems?

    It is interesting to note that the first version of Ultrasurf was actually created for Windows operating systems. Therefore, both Android and Windows are supported. You can browse Softonic in the event that you happen to own a Mac operating system.

  • Are there any bandwidth limitations associated with Ultrasurf VPN for Android?

    Not only is this VPN free, but you are not subject to any type of bandwidth limitations. You can surf the Internet without having to worry about being cut off.

  • What proxies are supported by Ultrasurf VPN for Android?

    HTTP and Socks are currently supported by Ultrasurf. These are two of the most common proxies and they will allow you to access most connections.

  • How do I install Ultrasurf VPN for Android onto my mobile device?

    After clicking on the Softonic download link, a separate window will pop up. This installs an initial EXE file. When the EXE file is opened, you will be guided through the remainder of the download process.